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Florence's hours

Following Leonardo's Footsteps

guided tour Leonardo da Vinci


Following Leonardo's Footsteps, is a special itinerary that will lead to the discovery of the great Florentine genius, Leonardo from Vinci: from the places of his childhood, ending with a visit to the Leonardo Museum, where over one hundred models reconstruct many of the inventions of the Florentine artist and scientist.


The visit starts in Anchiano, a resort two kilometres away from Vinci, where, according to the tradition, Leonardo was born. We will walk back to Vinci, possibly following the road which winds between age-long olive groves, with wonderful views of the surrounding landscape. Strolling through the medieval village of Vinci, we will reach the Museum of Leonardo, (subject to entrance fee) featuring models of the machines designed by the great genius.

In this way, it will be possible to know Leonardo's work as an inventor, technologist and as an engineer. This itinerary is particularly suggested to school groups. book a guided tour of Florence and its surrounding with us! 


guide tour Leonardo's museum Duration:
 The duration of the guided tour is approximately three hours long and includes the visit of the Museum of Leonardo, subject to entrance fee, not included in the tour rate.

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